Much of the Granite that we use today is at least 30 million years in the making. It is harvested from many parts of the world including Italy, Brazil, India and Africa to name a few. Huge slabs of Granite are cut into smaller slabs and then polished with diamond wheels to give it a permanent shine.  Polished countertops are naturally resistant to stains, heat and scratching. Costing more than butcher block or traditional laminates, Granite adds value to a home by enhancing the investment for future sale while proving immediate pleasure.

Buildings built with Granite in the 1900’s still look the same and it is this durability that is moved indoors to your countertops. Granite is available in about 3,000 different colors and is made from a composition of mica, quartz and different feldspars provide the exciting variations of color. Every single slab of Granite is unique even in very small ways because it is made by nature naturally. Granite is so popular as a countertop that very often it is shown as a benefit when listing a home for sale.


The following granite colors represent the most popular choices that we carry in stock. In addition we have our local distributors who collectively carry several thousand slabs of Granite, Quartz & Marble representing all colors and price ranges. Visiting them through us is an easy process and part of the service we offer our customers.

We can easily accommodate your specific requests.

Come to our showroom to see the unmatched beauty of granite in person. While visiting us, you can pick out the exact granite slab that you want to use for your countertop!

*Note: The color examples shown below are a digital representation of the granite colors. Each slab of granite is unique in appearance. These digital pictures may be subject to variation due to individual monitor settings.